Monday, December 12, 2005

The Winner

After hours behind closed doors, and lots of bamboo cigar smoke, we have reached a decision:

My fans are funny people.

Seriously, we could take this show on the road. I could sit on stage and mug for the audience while my fans make funny behind a mike. We could make millions...

But you're reading this to find out who the winners of the caption contest are, so here they are without further delay:

Honorable mention: H said..."Now tell me, does this paw look like a stick of butter to you?" (Note: I loved this one--go H! My panel thought the others were technically funnier, but I fought to get you some love . Bandit always looks out for his own.)

3rd runner up: Pandafan2 said... "I swear, I was not out partying last night with those rascally cheetah cubs. Um, just ignore that empty bottle over there...I swear, here all night sleeping."

2nd runner up: Pandaholic said... "Mom, seriously, I will not take tips from MY fans for YOUR booze. Flashing them won’t help either. Aaah!"

1st runner up: Kimimary said... "You want me to do WHAT with Su Lin?"

And finally, the winner of the Bandit T-shirt of HER choice...

My personal trainer, Lauren!

"Mom, get that g-string off your head. Even the geckos are laughing at you."

I can personally attest that this has happened before, so it was kind of eerie to read. I hate those stupid geckos.

Lauren you can email me your snailmail addy at I promise I won't give it to credit card companies or anything like that. Oh and just copy the link to the shirt you want from

Finally, (I hope my other peeps are still reading) as runners up AND honorable mention (yeah H!) you all get your choice of a Bandit bumpersticker, magnet OR button.

This whole process really sucked b/c you made it so hard to decide, so all of you should be proud of yourselves. We might do this again sometime...but for now, I need a nap.


At 5:10 PM, Anonymous H said...

Awww thanks Bandit! That was so nice of you to say that about my contest submission.

That's a win to me! :)

At 10:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Enjoyed a lot! » »


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